Multiple Apps

FX Blue Labs has created a suite of multi-platform, multi-lingual apps which help brokers to promote and distinguish their services, and which help traders to become more confident and optimise their ability to trade successfully.

Multiple Platforms

The FX trading market has developed dramatically since introduction of retail forex platforms in the late 1990s. Our apps are available for multiple trading platforms - not only MT4, but also many others including tradable, xOpenHub, and FXCM TS2.

Multiple Languages

Multi-lingual support is an essential tool in the quest for building successful international FX businesses and to meet the diverse needs of FX traders world-wide. Our apps are currently available in 13 languages.


Trade Terminal

Trade Terminal

The Trade Terminal is a feature-rich professional trade execution and analysis tool. It offers precision trading, automated scaling out from positions, templates for frequently used order entries, and analysis of open positions.

Alarm Manager

Alarm Manager

The Alarm Manager is a personal trading assistant which can notify the trader - or their followers on social media - about events, and carry out any number of automated actions such as opening positions or sending email.

Correlation Matrix

Correlation Matrix

The Correlation Matrix gives traders invaluable market information on different time scales and enables them to make better risk-informed decisions. The Matrix show correlation between different markets, and lets the trader highlight areas of low or high correlation.

Sentiment Trader

The Sentiment Trader shows sentiment based on real open positions: the number of traders who are currently long or short. The app also shows historic sentiment plotted against price, and a dashboard of current sentiment on multiple symbols.

Market Manager

The Market Manager provides full control over symbol watch-lists and all account and order activity from one small and convenient window. Traders can select symbols, view recent price activity, place market and pending orders, and modify existing positions.


Connect provides a user-configurable news feed and economic calendar. Brokers can configure Connect to include any further web-based media which they want to bring to traders’ attention: e.g. educational material, special offers, links to account funding and opening, competitions etc.

More apps

Other services from FX Blue Labs

Signals Technology

FX Blue Labs produces the technology that makes 'social' trading possible. Our tools can mirror trading signals between different brokers and trading platforms, operating on the client-side at traders' discretion in order to reduce exposure to regulatory rules about investment advice.

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Other Services

In addition to our ready-made apps, FX Blue Labs provides a range of other solutions for brokers and traders: automated technical market feeds, market depth, trading competitions, and many more including bespoke development.

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