Bespoke Development

FX Blue Labs is always interested in receiving requests for bespoke work from brokers and other trader-facing organisations such as education groups. (Please note that we generally do not accept requests from individual traders, e.g. to build a trading robot or indicator, unless "sponsored" by a broker.)

We are happy to make bespoke changes to any of our standard apps - in many cases, at no extra cost - or to create whole new applications. For example, our recent bespoke work includes the following:

  • A large project for a trader-support group, enabling them to implement a wide range of custom strategies and features, in order to help them migrate their clients to a new trading platform.
  • A package of custom indicators for a large international brokerage.
  • Changes to some of our standard apps for a brokerage focussing on the UK spread-betting market.
  • Bespoke applications in order to standardise trading functionality and information across the multiple different trading platforms offered by a brokerage.
  • Translation of various apps into new languages to help brokers address new markets and to supplement limited language functionality of some trading platforms.

Bespoke projects can either use the native programming environment for a trading platform - for example, an MT4 EA or custom indicator written in MQL - or we can use our proprietary APIs in order to provide a flexible and future-proof solution which works on multiple trading platforms.

All projects which we carry out are built on a multi-lingual basis (even if there is no foreseeable need for the app to display in anything other than English). In many cases we are able to use our bank of existing translations to minimise or even eliminate the costs of translating the app into multiple languages.

Wherever possible, we prefer a long-term partnership with a client where we participate in the risk and success of the project. In other words, our preference is to structure a project around a continuing monthly fee for actual usage, rather than to front-load the project with a large set-up cost.