About FX Blue Labs

Our Mission

FX Blue Labs' mission is to deliver institutional-quality, market-informed, multi-lingual, multi-platform software and services to brokers and other trader-facing institutions worldwide. FX Blue Labs' software and services have been designed in response to a real market need and, in many cases, have been customised to meet specific requirements.

Our Background

FX Blue Labs is part of the FX Blue group headquartered in London, UK. The group has two main divisions:

  • FX Blue Labs, providing apps and services to brokers and other trader-facing organisations such as trade education firms
  • The retail www.fxblue.com website, providing free tools and services directly to retail traders worldwide

Both parts of the group previously operated under the MT4i name. The change reflects the increasing diversity and importance of multiple trading platforms, not only to our own business but also to brokers and traders worldwide.


FX Blue Labs are always interested in expanding our team. If you believe that you could make a major contribution to enhancing the services which we provide to brokers and traders, then please write to us at careers@fxbluelabs.com.