Connect provides user-configurable news feeds and economic calendar, plus the ability for a broker to present any additional web-based media which they want to promote to traders. This gives brokers an opportunity to highlight key marketing messages and other information.

The Connect app serves two purposes:

  • It gives traders useful, personalised, "sticky" content which they keep coming back to, in the form of the customisable news feeds and the alarms on the economic calendar
  • This creates a platform which a broker can use to present other web-based assets and messages. Connect can help the broker to leverage existing sunk costs and extract more value from the investment which they have already made in their own web assets and other third-party tools.

The broker can pre-populate Connect with default news feeds, plus a second tier of other recommended feeds. The trader can customise these selections, add in any other RSS feeds of their choice (in any language), and also create filters which quickly pick out news stories on particular subjects (e.g. EUR/USD, gold). The trader can also create alerts which pop up when there are new articles which match a filter.

Typical bespoke broker additions to the Connect product include the following:

  • Links to additional product offerings such as signal services
  • Links for account opening and funding
  • Help and support links (including online chat)
  • Libraries of educational material
  • Webinars
  • Special offers
  • Competitions

The content of Connect can be updated without needing to re-install the app on a trader's computer. In other words, brokers can be constantly refreshing the messages which are presented via Connect, and these changes can be made without involving FX Blue Labs if they only involve alterations to pages on the broker's website which are being framed within Connect.


The app is available for the following platforms:

Protrader 3
Vertex (available for testing)