Widgets for Affiliate Programmes

FX Blue Labs can integrate all the website widgets, including the HTML 5 charting, with your affiliate programme. In addition to the usual advertising banners, you can now offer dynamic widgets which your affiliates can add to their web sites, increasing engagement and ultimately driving more funded accounts to your brokerage.

You can use the widgets to offer affiliates a distinctive service, increasing both their revenue and yours.

The widgets can be configured and branded in any way that you want. For example, we can add a logo for you, and make the entire widget click through to your website. (The following examples click through to www.fxblue.com.)

Marketing creative

In the marketing section of your affiliate website, you can then give affiliates simple HTML which includes the widget on their site, just like the HTML for adding a banner advert.

The HTML which you generate for affiliates, in your marketing area, can include an ID which is then passed through to your website so that you can track referrals, and credit the affiliate.

Click-through example

In the following example, the ID is set to "1234", and you can see this ID being passed in the example URL (to www.fxblue.com) when you click on the widget:

<iframe src="//widgets.fxbluelabs.com/webwidgets/qhl?id=AffiliateExample&affiliate=1234" style="border: solid 1px #808080; width: 500px; height: 320px"></iframe>

Affiliates can change the colours and other settings for each widget by passing values in the URL. You can even add a "widget builder" to the marketing area of your website, where affiliates choose values such as colours and the widget URL is then built for them automatically.

Each widget can also be integrated with the Google Analytics account of your choice, letting you track usage of the widget by each affiliate.