Signal Technology

FX Blue Labs produces the technology that makes "social" trading possible. For many years our Personal Trade Copier and Internet Trade Mirror tools for retail MT4 traders have been among the most popular in the market. The feedback from these apps has enabled the "market-informed" development of our commercial signalling tools which are used by brokers, asset managers, trade education groups and others around the world.

Our signalling tools work client-side, on the trader's desktop (or on a VPS). It is an increasingly important regulatory point that traders actively participate in the receipt of signals, in this instance by choosing to run, and continuing to run, an app on their computer. (Server-side copying which places trades directly onto a client's account will often have a different regulatory profile, and is not offered by FX Blue Labs.)

Our signal receiver apps work on all our supported platforms, and have the following key features which subscribers can use to control the trading activity on their account:

  • Options to require manual confirmation before opening or closing positions
  • Choice of lot-sizing modes, with a default which adjusts volume based on the relative equity of the sending and receiving accounts
  • Create different rules for individual instruments or signal providers
  • Automatically disable trading activity at particular times
  • Automatically disable trading if a maximum drawdown threshold is breached
  • Take manual control of individual positions

Signals can be distributed either through FX Blue Labs' servers or through a client's server in a location chosen to minimise latency between the sender and subscribers.

FX Blue Labs can create customised versions of the signal-receiver apps, pre-set with appropriate settings for a particular signal provider, or in order to meet local regulatory requirements (e.g. with manual confirmation of signals turned on by default).