Trade Analysis Portal

The same trade-publication and trade-analysis technology which has successfully delivered services to tens of thousands of traders worldwide through the website for many years is also available as a standalone portal which can be branded in a broker's own name, logo, and colours etc. In other words, brokers can give clients an own-brand website which they can use to analyse their trading activity. The portal is currently available in English, Indonesian, Japanese and Turkish but other languages can quickly be added on request.

The portal can either be provided as a standalone micro-site which traders can visit, or it can be incorporated into the broker's main website via iframes.

The portal is a deliberately simplified version of the analysis on the website: containing about 95% of the functionality, including features such as bespoke analysis and charting, but with an optimised and slimmed-down user interface.

Account data is collected via the same account-sync technology which powers the website. Therefore, this service is only available for platforms which provide some form of read-only access for use with account sync: currently MT4 and cTrader. (However, the portal could potentially be made available for any platform if the broker can provide an API or feed of account data.)


An example of the portal is available at

(In real-life usage a broker can use their own domain name for the site, e.g. instead of, by creating a DNS record which points at our servers - or the portal can be incorporated into the broker's main site via iframes.)