www.fxblue.com & Advertising

The FX Blue group runs the retail www.fxblue.com website (formerly www.mt4i.com), a very popular trading resource which is visited by tens of thousands of retail traders every month from all over the world.

The www.fxblue.com site provides two main services to retail traders:

  • Publication and analysis of trading results
  • A range of extremely popular free tools, such as the Personal Trade Copier and Trading Simulator

Other services on the www.fxblue.com site include a free facility for traders to run their own competitions e.g. among their friends, spread data on major brokers, and aggregated market news.

The majority of registered users on www.fxblue.com are relatively large accounts using the site for private analysis of their results (with PIN-protection of their pages), not people who are publishing their results as marketing collateral for a trading system which they are trying to sell.

The site has historically focussed on the MT4 platform - hence the name - but account publication has now been extended to several more platforms (cTrader, xOpenHub, Vertex etc) and the future of the site is very much multi-platform - probably with a change of name to www.fxblue.com in due course.

All services on www.fxblue.com are provided to traders for free, backed by advertising. The value of the www.fxblue.com site within the FX Blue group lies not just in its advertising revenue but also as a source of market intelligence about what traders want, informing our apps for brokers, and as a test-bed for new ideas.


The www.fxblue.com site currently has two advertising units: a 120x600 tower and a 360x60 top banner. Both are priced on a CPM basis. For information about advertising rates, please contact advertising@fxblue.com.

Sentiment data

The publication of real-time trading results to the www.fxblue.com site allows us to calculate sentiment data, i.e. the percentage of traders who are currently long or short in particular markets. A simple view of this data is available on the www.fxblue.com site itself, and a more in-depth version of the data is used in our Sentiment Trader app.

Spread data

Our spread data is widely used by traders because it shows an overview of spreads across the trading week rather than concentrating on whatever the current spread happens to be.

We receive many requests for inclusion on this list, and you are welcome to write to advertising@fxblue.com. However, our capacity for collecting spreads is finite and we have to prioritise (a) brokers who are used by a large number of traders publishing their results on www.fxblue.com, and (b) broker clients of our app suite.