Price Action News

Price Action News is your 24x5, multi-lingual, technical newsroom broadcast without the overheads. It is an automated, configurable stream of technical market news such as highs and lows, breakouts, major moves, sentiment changes, and possible support and resistance levels.

A broker can use Price Action News in two main ways:

  • As a feed into the broker's corporate Twitter account (i.e. alongside manual and other tweets, not as a separate Twitter account)
  • As an RSS feed which can be incorporated into the news on a broker's website, or included in the Connect app etc

In other words, brokers can use Price Action News to get the benefits of a 24x5 newsroom - constant activity on their website; constant, market-relevant, real-time trading prompts to clients - without the manual overheads and costs. The inputs for the Price Action News can be configured by your market analysts and FX Blue Labs can add additional technical parameters should that be required.


Price Action News can be configured to monitor any technical events which you want, and to deliver its news in any language of your choice. Examples of the many possible news items are as follows:

  • New highs and lows (e.g. 30-day highs and lows)
  • Large market moves
  • Moving-average crosses
  • Bollinger band breakouts
  • New swing and pivot points
  • Sentiment changes
  • Possible support and resistance levels
  • Impending calendar events - e.g. a tweet 15 minutes before NFP

Example feed

An example feed from Price Action News is available at This feed has been configured to be constantly "chatty": talking about events such as break-outs and new highs/lows when the market is trending strongly, and talking about possible support and resistance when the market is moving sideways.